Do you have a few seconds for Trondheim?

Trondheim is a city brand that’s not just about tourism. This is a city that invites you to follow your purpose and create your own impact. So naturally, we felt it was important to create a campaign made by the people of Trondheim!

Share video seconds from our city, straight from your phone. Why?
Because Trondheim is so much more than Nidaros Cathedral, Kristiansten Festning and Munkholmen. It is the 208,281 people who study, work and live their lives here, and the small, raw, unfiltered, real moments we all experience every day. For this campaign we have invited all of you to film and share a few seconds of your life in Trondheim. There are no models or production crews.

So do you have a few seconds to share? We want them. Then we are able to showcase all of the beautiful, weird, incredible, tasteful, sweet, meaningful moments in Trondheim through an authentic lens!

Just raw, unfiltered real moments. And this doesn’t end with summer. We will be collecting these moments throughout the year so that we can eventually create a complete film of Trondheim from sunrise to sunset.

Upload your second here:

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After all, there are as many reasons to visit Trondheim as there are residents. Thank you in advance!