Advertising Campaign

Advertising campaign for promoting Trondheim
Visit Trondheim is creating advertising campaigns that promote Trondheim as a travel destination. We want to make a campaign created by the inhabitants themselves – that means you and everyone you know. By sending one or more seconds of video of your life in Trondheim, you can contribute to promote our city. The goal is to gather as many seconds of video as there is inhabitants. The seconds will in the end become a 87,400 seconds long video that shows Trondheim from sunrise to sunset.

Terms for uploading

These are the terms for the uploads:

  1. You can only upload videos you have filmed yourself. If you are below 16 years of age, you have to have your parent’s consent to upload.
  2. You must provide the names of people in your video if they are identifiable. You must also get consent from individuals that are identifiable and be able to document this consent to Visit Trondheim. Video clips that show children under the age of 16 years must have parent’s permission.
  3. By uploading your video, you give Visit Trondheim and our partners a time limited right of use of the video until August 1, 2023.
  4. You accept that your video clip will be edited and combined with the video clips of others. We do not commit to use the uploaded clip.
  5. We, along with our partners, reserve the right to use your uploaded video clips without compensation in our campaigns and in storytelling, on our own website, social media, digital platforms, digital newspapers and advertisement screens, in an unlimited geographical area.
  6. Personal information that is stored in conjunction with the video clips will be filed with Visit Trondheim and deleted when the right of use expires. The personal information includes only your name, your email address and the information about identifiable persons in your video clip. The processing of your personal information is in line with our privacy policy. We, along with our agency, use Google’s cloud storage for uploads, and later the clips will be downloaded locally by a film production company.If you have any questions you can contact